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Craft CMS Site Performance Considerations and Improvements

Craft CMS Caching Strategies: Enhancing Speed and Efficiency

Craft CMS Caching Strategies: Enhancing Speed and Efficiency

Craft CMS caching plays a pivotal role in optimising website performance, guaranteeing swift and efficient page loading for users. A highly effective approach involves the implementation of full-page caching, where the complete rendered HTML of a page is stored and served to subsequent visitors. This diminishes server load and accelerates loading times. Additionally, explore the advantages of fragment caching, enabling the independent caching of specific sections of a page—particularly beneficial for dynamic content elements. Another valuable tactic is utilising Craft's built-in template caching, facilitating the caching of individual templates to minimise processing requirements for frequently used components.

List of Craft CMS Caching Techniques:

  • Full-Page Caching: Preserve entire rendered HTML pages for prompt retrieval.
  • Fragment Caching: Independently cache specific sections of a page.
  • Template Caching: Make use of Craft's built-in feature to cache individual templates.
  • Dynamic Caching: Implement caching for dynamic content to boost speed.
  • Expiration Policies: Establish intelligent cache expiration policies for timely updates.
  • Cache Invalidation: Employ mechanisms to clear the cache when content changes.
  • Varnish Integration: Investigate Varnish integration for advanced caching capabilities.
  • Conditional Caching: Implement conditional caching based on user roles or specific criteria.
  • Edge Side Includes (ESI): Utilise ESI for more granular control over caching elements.
  • Cache Monitoring and Clearing: Configure tools for monitoring cache performance and clearing when necessary.

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