(Waves)… I’m still here.

Despite my last post being a millennia ago, I am still here, still working, still driving home the benefits of adopting ExpressionEngine.

I plan to start writing more in this blog about stuff and things all ExpressionEngine related. I keep being asked on how to do stuff, so why not share it.

See you very soon. 🙂

MSM Expression Engine Development Project

A recent project required the creation of 12 sites… one main corporate site and 11 sites for their 11 branches located throughout the south of England. An obvious approach would have been to have built 12 sites, with 12 content management systems, one for each editor to manage content.

Since design and branding was carried across all 12 sites, this meant I could put forward a solution where all 12 sites were managed from one CMS. Fortunately, my go-to CMS, Expression Engine, has the ability to handle 12 sites using the MSM Expression Engine plugin.

The final solution now has 12 sites, with 12 editor accounts, running from one Expression Engine installation.

A problem I encountered, which is to do with the Structure plugin, was that when cloning a site, Structure failed to clone the content held within Structure. This meant, for every site, I had to recreate all content within Structure for all 12 sites (grr).  That aside, I am happy I was able to develop the site using Expression Engine, the user experience EE gives is by far the best I have seen.