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Originally a Yorkshire lad from Sheffield, I now live in Leicester, UK, with my wife and two kids. Web development background has pretty much accounted for 99% of my working life.

My web development career began in Nottingham, where I started working for Broadband Communications Ltd as senior developer for 6 years. During this time, I developed a whole host of systems, and even had a book published entitled “Foundation Coldfusion for Flash”. The book taught experienced flash developers how to connect to databases using Coldfusion, this was before flash remoting appeared. You cannot get a copy anymore, but for a while, I had a book for sale in Waterstones!

Whilst driving down to watch Lemon Jelly, at the Birmingham Academy, I decided to leave the comfort of a salary and brave freelancing. I prepared myself for a quiet period where I would spend most of my time networking and pitching for work. I was wrong. There has not been a moment when I have not had work, and (touch wood) long may it continue.

The secret is the way I have built up a long list of skills, OK, you can describe me as a jack of all trades, but this has kept me in good stead. My main strength is in the way I can turn my hand to pretty much any tool, language or system in both server and client side development. Truth be told, it is what I thrive on, the challenge of taking on something new and delivering to a high standard.

Do you have a project that you require help with? Get in touch and I can discuss your requirements with you in detail.


Billy Media comprises of myself and my wife Sunita. We have managed, over the many years, to collate a list of experts that we use as and when projects require them. Skills such as digital and print design, animation, film making, illustration and on-going marketing and SEO.

If you require help in any of these areas, let us know.

Freelance Craft CMS Developer



  • Client Liaison
  • Site Planning
  • Accounts
  • Content Management
  • Business Development