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My freelance web development story

Originally hailing from Sheffield in Yorkshire, I now call Leicester, UK, home with my wife and two kids. My professional journey has been predominantly shaped by a 25-year career in web development, constituting 99% of my working life.

Commencing my web development career in Nottingham, I dedicated six years as a senior developer at Broadband Communications Ltd. During this tenure, I not only contributed to various system developments but also authored a book titled “Foundation Coldfusion for Flash.” This book, aimed at guiding experienced flash developers on database connections using Coldfusion, found its place on the shelves at Waterstones for a while.

The turning point came while driving to witness a Lemon Jelly concert at the Birmingham Academy. I made the courageous leap from a salaried position to freelance, expecting a period of networking and pitching. Contrary to expectations, work has been consistently flowing, and I hope it continues (touch wood).

With 25 years of experience in the field, I offer a depth of expertise that goes beyond the ordinary, encompassing a profound understanding of industry trends, best practices, and a proven track record of successful projects. As a seasoned consultant, I provide more than just knowledge; I bring a personalised approach, dedicating time and focus specifically to your needs, ensuring a tailored solution closely aligned with your business objectives.

Unlike larger agencies, my individual consulting service is marked by cost efficiency and greater flexibility. With a streamlined structure, we can work closely together, minimising communication gaps and ensuring efficient decision-making.

Do you have a project that you require help with? Get in touch and I can discuss your requirements with you in detail.

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About my team

Billy Media consists of my wife, Sunita, and myself. Over the years, we have successfully compiled a roster of experts whom we engage as needed for various projects. Our collective skills include proficiency in digital and print design, animation, filmmaking, illustration, as well as ongoing expertise in marketing and SEO..

If you require help in any of these areas, let us know.

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