My background in web started in the late nineties where I spent my time building large applications from scratch. This was before the plethora of off-the-shelf systems we have today.

Systems and languages I specialise in are Craft CMSExpression EngineLaravelCodeIgniter and WordPress.

The workflow I implement with every project makes use of Bower and Gulp for running tasks such as image compression, sass compilation, minification and various other tasks. For version control, I use GIT and Git Flow.

There was a time when everything had to be bespoke. Thanks to the development community you now have the choice of hundreds if not thousands of community driven applications covering a whole range of tasks. I can take these systems, apply a design and make any adjustments to suit your requirements.

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My Development Approach

When embarking on any project, the bare minimum is to have a plan. This can take the form of a functional specification, annotated PDF/designs or a wireframe. Once this is in place, it becomes the core document upon which the project is completed against, on time and on budget.

To ensure a smooth development process for all, project management is handled through Basecamp, a very popular and easy to use tool for communicating all aspects of the project. At the start, the project will be broken down into milestones, and remain on the list until approved by you.

Progress can be viewed from a public facing site from one of my servers, it is available only to you and no one else. We welcome feedback throughout development as often as possible, to ensure you are happy with the end result.

All project code is stored in GIT, our version control system. This means all on-going development is accounted, allowing for a smoother development process, reducing the risk of issues and errors.

Support and Maintenance

Website maintenance contracts

I work with many clients offering website maintenance contracts for those who require frequent updates to their websites. 

WordPress & ExpressionEngine

Whether it’s a simple, small project, or a complicated large application, I can take sites built in WordPress or ExpressionEngine and make changes and improvements.

Fixing site problems and errors

Bugs, performance, security and everything else that drives you up the wall. I can fix and improve ensuring a nice experience for you and your customers.

Time for a change

Site looking tired? or ready for a re-brand? If you need to improve and refresh your site, I can take and implement changes to meet your requirements.

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Billy is very knowledgable on all things web-related and can be relied upon to deliver a good value project. We have used Billy on a number of projects. Our most recent project with him was a Facebook application which was delivered on time and on budget. We would have no hesitation in using him on future projects.

Fiona Conner, Owner, Facebook App 13th May 2015